A joystick doesn make the game harder or easier,

and it doesn make it more or less fun. What it does is dramatically lower the skill floor and raise the skill ceiling.

This means that Wholesale Fake Sunglasses if you do not know what you are doing, you will suck much more with a joystick than you would with mouse. Anyone can take off, climb and take some shots with mouse aim, even if they have no idea about flying a plane or air combat. With joystick, the first few tries are likely to result in a crash, and it will take a long while and a fair bit of practice before you are able to hit anything smaller and slower than an aircraft carrier.

On the other hand, flying with mouse aim has inherent limitations. Planes were designed with a specific control scheme in mind, and since the game tries to emulate the way planes Cheap Sunglasses work, no amount of instructor trickery will make piloting with a mouse as natural, intuitive and ultimately effective as using a joystick. I sincerely believe that all else being equal, and absolute skill level being high to very high, a joystick user will almost always win.

Now, whether this makes the game more or less fun for you is a different question. This ultimately depends on the way you like to play the game: if you prefer a more casual approach, where you pop into Arcade or sometimes HB Replica Sunglasses for half an hour and then go on your way, getting a joystick is probably a terrible idea. You will get frustrated and achieve nothing, and you will hate it.

But, if you are willing to invest effort into the game, and accept hours upon hours of 0 kill games until you get a grasp on what going on, then I urge you to try. When I get 4 kills in an HB game, using joystick, it infintely more fun than it could ever be with mouse aim because it ME who flying the plane, no the instructor, and it my FLYING skill that got me these kills. And it one of the very best feelings you can Wholesale Cheap Sunglasses get from a video game.

tldr: depends on how you play the game.

When you looking for aircraft, you need to piece out the sky into sections, and scan each section independently and thoroughly. Have patience. Spend thirty seconds or more Cheap Wholesale Sunglasses on every section. Make quick checks of your close six to make sure no one is floating into a guns solution behind you while you scanning around, but for the most part, you need to keep your eyes fixated on one section of sky long enough so you can pick out that little blip of an aircraft floating along fifteen miles out.

I done a great deal of flying in small scale aircraft myself in real life, and its no different spotting aircraft in the real skies. Aircraft are not easy to spot. There a hell of a lot of room up there. Most of the aircraft you spot are near airfields and you see them because they call their positions out and name landmarks that you can scan around. It less randomly groping at the Fake Sunglasses sky with your eyes (though you are still doing that consistently, always; its just not an effective main method of finding the target), and more about communicating with others to pinpoint the location of different aircraft. Comms are key in this sense. You can jump on a RoF server, get on the teamspeak, and ask the channel, hey guys where is the action? Someone will point you in the right direction.

Precision flying, smart navigating and a familiarity with your surroundings are also key; its less about having a sharp eye and more about putting yourself in Wholesale Sunglasses the right environment. You can spend all day roaming around the wrong end of the map looking for contacts and turn up jack squat. Likewise, you can spend five seconds peering about before seeing three or four contacts if you navigate to the objective or a typical hotspot on maps.

Precision flying is keeping your aircraft flying straight, flying level (or climbing consistently); flying precisely, so that your north doesn suddenly become your south, etc etc. Precision flying makes good spatial orientation possible. Once you pick up a contact on your 1 oclock, you remember contact, 1 oclock, long. If I make a 45 degree turn to the left, I Cheap Replica Sunglasses know that contact shifts from my 1 to my 2 3. When I go looking for him again, I know where to find him. That very important.

Patience. Patience. Patience. Scan the sky. Gaze off your right wing for a bit, then gaze off your other wing for a bit. Peer into your high long six. Check your low seven. Where is Waldo?